Bloomsbury Fashion Central 流行時尚資料庫試用


Bloomsbury Fashion Central 流行時尚資料庫


提供寶貴豐富的流行圖像與優質教科書,為服裝時尚、視覺藝術、流行文化的學術研究電子資源,包括BERG FASHION LIBRARY含有13000張彩色圖片及90本Berg電子書全文、FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY ARCHIVE含有15萬張1970年代至2000年伸展台/後台/街頭風尚的圖像、FAIRCHILD BOOK LIBRARY含有130本以上的時尚紡織教科書。

BLOOMSBURY FASHION CENTRAL delivers instant access to scholarly research, iconic images, and quality textbooks in fashion and textiles. Comprising Berg Fashion Library containing 13,000 colour images and full text eBooks of 90 Berg fashion titles, Fashion Photography Archive containing over 750,000 runway/backstage/street style images from the 1970s until 2000, and Fairchild Books Library containing over 130 textbooks in fashion and textiles, these products are an invaluable and comprehensive resource for every fashion scholar and student in the visual arts, humanities, and social sciences.

【試用期間】 即日起~2019/09/15