Bloomsbury Architecture Library 全球建築資料庫試用



Bloomsbury Architecture Library是一個全球建築的動態研究工具,持續增加的文本圖像與互動內容,可進行交叉搜索,是學術所需的動態平台,並為學生提供創新的教育資源。

  • 收錄Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture,是建築歷史的經典權威參考書,進入以全球視角所全新改寫的第21版
  • 現有42本電子書,並定期加入Bloomsbury新出版的有關建築歷史、理論、設計、城市規劃、景觀和室內設計的各種學術電子書,包括The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design
  • 豐富的視覺內容,來自Sir Banister Fletcher的2000幅圖像和National Archive at Kew的600張圖像、點選式世界地圖、互動式時間軸
  • 可依地點、時期、風格、或民族文化瀏覽內容

Bloomsbury Architecture Library is a dynamic research tool for architecture and architecture studies. With cross-searchable access to an expanding range of text, image, and interactive content, this dynamic platform is essential for academics and provides innovative educational resources for students.

  • Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture, the classic, authoritative reference for architecture history, enters its 21st edition completely rewritten and up-todate with a fully global perspective
  • 42 eBooks with regular updates of new Bloomsbury architecture publications, including a wide-range of scholarly eBooks on architecture, architectural history, theory, design, urbanism, landscape, and interiors, including The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design
  • Rich visual content with 2000 images from Sir Banister Fletcher and 600 images from the National Archive at Kew, clickable world map, and interactive timeline
  • Browse contents by place, period, style, or peoples and cultures


【試用期間】 即日起~2019/04/04