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Loan Services and Policy


Library Cards

Shih Chien University registered students, faculty, instructors, lecturers and staff use your ID Card as your library card for borrowing materials and for access to Main Library, Kaohsiung Campus Library.


Check-out limits and loan periods

Login to My Account to view and renew your checked-out items. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to note the due dates for materials and to return or renew them by those dates. In general:

  • Undergraduate students may have 20 items checked out.

The loan period for most monographs is 30 days.

  • Graduate students and Shih Chien University staff may have 30 items checked out.

The loan period for most monographs is 60 days.

  • Faculty may have 30 items checked out.

The loan period for most monographs is 60 days.


Renewing materials

You can renew items online via My Account
Renew your Shih Chien University Libraries books and DVDs online, over the phone or in person.

Renewal limits

  • Undergraduate Graduate students and Shih Chien University staff  – 1 renewal.
  • Faculty – 2 renewals
  • Once the renewal limit has been reached, you must return the item to the lending library to have it cleared from your Library account. For continued use, you may re-check out the item, restarting the renewal cycle.
  • Items may be renewed no sooner than 3 days before the due date


Renewal exceptions

  • You can not renew items that have been blocked, billed for replacement or recalled by another patron.
  • Library items will not be renewed past the expiration date of your library card.


Paging on-campus materials

You can submit online requests for circulating items available at one campus library to be retrieved and held for pick-up at the Circulation Desk of that library or another campus library of your choice. To page materials use the Request button at the top of an item’s record in Webpac.



Overdue Fines
The Shih Chien University Libraries charge fines for the late return of a regular loan item. If you do not return or renew items within their due date, you will need to pay per item NT$2/day overdue, up to a maximum of NT$300.

Damaged or lost items
If an item is damaged or lost, borrowers are liable for charges incurred to repair or replace the item.For more information about paying your lost item fee, contact staff at the appropriate library.


Borrower Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for all materials you check out and all fees or damages you incur.
  • Do not loan to others your Shih Chien University ID card, library card or borrowed items.
  • Do not depend on others to return items for you.
  • Note the time or date your borrowed materials are due. Staff send overdue notices as a courtesy, but it always is your responsibility to return materials on time.
  • If you receive an overdue notice for materials that you believe you returned, please reply to the notice so library staff have all the information necessary to investigate.