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Turnitin / Academic writing skills

About Turnitin

The Thesis Comparison System, also known as the Plagiarism Comparison System or Academic Misconduct Detection System, serves as a crucial tool in preventing academic plagiarism and assessing the originality of written content. Its methodology involves submitting written reports, academic articles, and dissertations to the system, which then compares them against online literature resources and the system's internal database. The system calculates the percentage of words (or paragraphs) that bear similarity to existing texts and highlights potential sources. Authors can subsequently make adjustments to ensure that the text has been thoroughly reworked, and that the citation format of referenced documents is accurate and comprehensive, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the text. This process contributes to the text's credibility and safeguards against academic plagiarism.  We would like to emphasize the importance of effectively utilizing the plagiarism comparison system to identify paragraphs that may require review and revision. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that the comparison system functions as a supplementary tool, and the similarity percentage may vary based on the subject area and the specific comparison system used. It is essential to understand that the percentage alone does not constitute proof of plagiarism.


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If you want to use Turintin, you need the class id and the password.Please email the librarian to obtain the class id and the password.(esther@g2.usc.edu.tw)

Using Turnitin for the First Time:A Guide

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About Academic Writing Skills of the AREE Resources

Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education (AREE) was founded in 2014, and devoted efforts to enhancing the knowledge and competency of Higher Education in Taiwan. Nowadays, AREE is the largest online platform of Academic Ethics and Research Integrity in Taiwan. This online course is for learning and training to be applicable to college and master students, teachers, and researchers. There are over 100 colleges and universities appointing this course as a students’ assignment and also over 250 medical and research institutions listing it as one of researchers’ training platforms.

You can study the Academic Writing Skills by the courses on AREE.(https://ethics.moe.edu.tw/) after singing it  up.(https://ethics-p.moe.edu.tw/apply_account/step2/)


0108_Academic Writing Skills: Quoting

0109_Academic Writing Skills: Paraphrasing and Summarizing

0110_Academic Writing Skills: Referencing

0106_Research Misconduct: Plagiarism


The list of course:https://ethics.moe.edu.tw/courses_list/