Bloomsbury Design Library 設計工藝資料庫



•權威的參考書包含Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design擁有超過1,700篇國際著名學者的權威文章、及
World History of Design由傑出的設計史學家Victor Margolin所撰寫
•超過60本電子書,是設計工藝領先學者Glenn Adamson、Tony Fry、John Heskett、Penny Sparke、Judith
Attfield、和Nigel Cross的研究著作
•100多個設計師頁面,提供必要的詳細資訊和延伸閱讀的關鍵人物連接,包括Ettore Sottsass、Walter
Gropius、William Morris、Charles Eames和Ray Kaiser Eames

This authoritative online resource provides expansive scholarly coverage of design and crafts worldwide, from
1500 BCE to the present day. It offers a carefully curated selection of fully-searchable text and image content
of the highest quality with an intuitive taxonomy for research and discovery. It is the ideal choice to enhance
research, teaching, and learning in the fields of visual arts, design, and craft studies.
• Definitive reference works including Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design—featuring over 1,700 authoritative
articles by leading international scholars; and World History of Design, written by eminent design historian,
Victor Margolin
• Over 60 eBooks in design and craft studies by leading scholars including Glenn Adamson, Tony Fry, John
Heskett, Penny Sparke, Judith Attfield, and Nigel Cross
• More than 100 Designer Pages providing essential details and links to further reading about key figures
including Ettore Sottsass, Walter Gropius, William Morris, Charles Eames and Ray Kaiser Eames
• An interactive timeline provides a richly illustrated overview of global design and crafts history from 1500
BCE to the contemporary period, accompanied by contextual information and click-through links to related

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